Miners-world Scam Check

I was looking around for an asic miner and found this site (https://miners-world.com/) can’t find anyone who has posted a scam alert, just checking here if anyone has bought from them

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Red flags I see
KD5 for $8,999
Preorder E9 (Bitmain hasn’t even released it yet)
D7 for $3299
L7 for $14,899
Address in the UK (Been a lot of scam reports in the UK)
Only accepts bitcoin

Best to just stay clear

Hello, I’ve also been watching this company for many days, but I’ve never seen anyone who has bought from it until today, we could do a joint effort to try to find out if it’s a scam or not, including asking @VoskCoin to help us.

same here. waiting someone to clarify the subject. subscribed.