Hi. So happy Vosk is here! Anyone buy from Minersdeals.com? Mostly used shipped from
China, but they say they have some miners in Texas. Considering a used Antminer S17 73 TH Bitcoin miner.

Probably a scam

Innosilicon A11 Pro ETHMiner (2000Mh) looking to purchase one does anyone have any ideas is this a good purchase if so ?

We haven’t even been able to review one in person yet, I’d wait until we can verify the miner is real and works well.

Hey guys I want to confirm minersdeals.com is legit. I was freaking out because I purchased 10 miners from them and it took 15 days but I received 4 yesterday and the other 6 came in today. It had the power boxes but no power cables.

I can verify they are not a scam. The guys name is Guy lol and though at first he gave me the wrong tracking number and I was freaking out because I was scared I lost a ton of money, the miners came in and I add them to my list of viable vendors. Coinminingcentral.com sent me a miner that had a burnt out hashboard and I am still trying to figure that out with them, and prominerz.com is a scam but for sure minersdeals.com is a real company… and you don’t have to purchase with crypto so there is actually a trail of money to follow.

Hello, does anyone have any updates on the topic? Is Minersdeals.com a scam or legit?

I can confirm Minersdeals.com is legit. bought few s19s from them and received everything as described.

I have never dealt with them, they are possibly a scam.