Minerstat OS & Mixed Rigs

So a quick google tells me that miner stat does not allow you to mix cards on workers.

Does that mean you can’t max out, for example, the Asus Mining Expert (where doing 19 cards REQUIRES you to mix cards)? Or can I set up “2 workers” on the same machine, 1 for each bank of cards?

I’m messing with it now but seeing if any of you guys have any experience with this. I can’t find much on the way of research.

hello. minerstat mining os cant mixed gpu same other mining os. on minerstat if you wanna run 19x gpu on b250 you need run windows and install minerstat gui

more of 13x gpu you need use windows as mining os have specific os for different model like rx versions, 5000, nvidia and VII gpu os all os is different settings in os made to get as possible high mhs and low wattage

plus it not worst use 19x gpu as for same price you will build 2x rig 12gpu, for asus b250 to use all 19x gpus need p104 gpus, reason people not building as is not stable 19x gpus. even h110 pro btc with 13x gpu for some cards is not stable i know couple person on b250 able run 14x rx 570 on ubuntu on windows ring not stable over 11gpu

That is what I have installed. What does it do to run all 19 cards?

I think I might just do it by running 2 instances of NB miner, I want the AMD cards on ETH and the P106s can do RVN since nothing else works anyway

make 2 separate rings and forget about 19x gpu as is trouble to runing all 19x. reason people not build 19x as is not worst plus is mixed rig and is unstable best is make mining os 6-13gpu rig non mixed for stable and long run. i mean plug-run-forget-enjoy. i got 66gpu 5x 12 1x 6 on minertat plug and forget about any trouble

for running in ubuntu, what software is available? I had a hard time figuring out how to mine like i do win win10 in the ubuntu environment.

here is my amd cards

you need download minerstat os burn in to usb stick and plug, sit to your laptop in garden or ever you wanna,minerstat provide for you all miners for non mixed rigs, you need save all your wallets you wanna use all your pools and make templates with your choose pool and wallet add tune settings and press run. nothing more, for miner you need usb stick and Ethernet cable no mouse no keyboard no monitor no drivers

i dont have any rig in home all is 100m away from home i garage i sit to my mac and check what miners doing or change pools wallet coins, i come garage every end of month shut down all rigs clean dust and i dont see or hear fan noise till next end of month

in forum you have rrsdove user him listen my recommendation and mining with minerstat till now him dont say nothing bad about his decision happy miner.i will try talk tomorrow with minerstat owner about b250 mixed rig maybe developers make it run


Like @Asiukas6 explained you can’t mix Nvidia and AMD GPUs on minerstat. You can get it to work and mine with mining client that supports both brands, but you won’t be able properly overclock them and statistics and real-time reporting will be off.

We don’t have Ubuntu based software for monitoring and management, but we have dedicated mining OS that is based on Ubuntu and needs to be flashed on an USB or preferably SSD. Alternatively, we also have Windows Node for Windows where you can overclock with third party software, but statistics and real-time reporting can still be off.

overcloking properly it works overclock if you create both amd nvidia at same template in case something wrong can adjusted manualy etch card im just done test