Mini Dodge and F2 pool

I have my mini dodge set up and running and linked to F2 Pool. The LTC seems to be working fine, and has paid out to the linked address, but the Doge shows unpaid, and if I click on the “address” in F2, it was showing error. When I clicked it just now, it seems to be working, but it is still unpaid.

On another note, I set this up last Thursday, and it seemed to run fine for a couple days, but when I opened the home page, it wasn’t doing anything. Lights were flashing, don’t recall what ones, but it appeared to be doing something but nothing showing on the home page. Shut it down for a couple hours and fired it back up yesterday afternoon and it has been running strong ever since. Could be that it overheated as it is in a cabinet and had some stuff blocking airflow. I’ve moved all the stuff out of the way, we will keep an eye on it.

F2pool send the LTC to your wallet once you hit its 0.02 LTC threshold, and DOGE will be send to your DOGE wallet once you hit their 40 DOGE threshold.

I know its not obvious as F2pool doesn’t make it clear, but yes that is how I get merge paid.

Thank You!

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Yea Thank You.