Mini-Doge and L3

What s the best source for purchasing the Mini-Doge and the L3 miners? I was going to use ASIC Marketplace but noticed several of you are quite skeptical about that source. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

For the Goldshell Mini Doge you can still get it directly from Goldshell. As far as the Antminer L7 you can get it from Compass Mining, however, they racked up the price to US$18,000.00 per L7, so just keep in mind that you need to have $18k cash to deal with them at this point.

Goldshell is always out of stock on the Mini and I am looking for the L3, not the L7.

Oh ok, I read it wrong my bad I though you said L7, in that case I have no idea about the L3. As far as the Goldshell Mini Doge its still available as of right now @ Goldshell Mini-DOGE – goldshell miner

Now if you are speaking of the Goldshell Mini Doge VoskCoin Tails Edition, then yes, that one is sold out.

sadly when you click on the Buy link it takes you to a page stating it is sold out. I have tried contacting them several times and no response…this hardware is tough to purchase…:frowning:

I just checked and its true… :dizzy_face:

I guess at this point is just keep patients and keep checking the Goldshell website daily for any updates, as going to third parties is extremely risky given with the high scams that’s been going on.

As far as the L3 goes, its all third parties at this point, so you will be taking a risk no matter what…

I find it funny when people think 3rd party resellers are “too risky”

THIS IS CRYPTO. it’s all inherently risky.

So the solution is mitigate your risk. Find sellers that allow you to pay through credit card or PayPal and other services that offer buyer protection. Examples; Ebay (way over priced) Amazon, Newegg . com, some reseller sites, and Alibaba (best option, but you need to contact sellers directly)

Good Luck

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