Mini Doge: Are you mining LTC & Doge or just LTC?

Are you mining both coins, like on F2Pool or just LTC as on litecoinpool?
Obviously you can sell one and buy the other, but wondering the case for Doge, as all my Mini-Doges are on litecoinpool for LTC only.

I just got my first mini doge online Thursday. I am using litecoinpool as well, I like the simplicity of just one payout to look at. And, like you said, you can always sell one and buy some of the other. I have a ck box coming this week so I have been looking at either f2pool or dxpool for that. I might end up switching my minidoge to one of those if I like them better after trying them out.

Have either of you been able to view your doge payout? I’ve been up for week and my F2Pool still says no data

I am running on litecoinpool, there is no doge payout. It automatically converts what you would get in doge and pays out all in litecoin only.

Do you have a dedicated doge wallet? There’s a vosk video on this.

I’ve tried both Litecoinpool and F2Pool for 2 days each last week. Verdict - they were about the same $ when I converted assets to dollars. So - just depends on what you like more. Doge wasn’t doing much lately and LTC was running the last week so I switched to litecoinpool for now. If Doge decides to do something I’ll just convert some LTC

F2Pool has a nice interface. But now that I’ve been mining for a few weeks I find I check it less now - so no big deal. And my ping to litecoinpool is faster. To me it seems my miners are more stable too.

I have another doge coming next week so I’ll have 4. Then I plan on running 2 on each simultaneously and comparing the results for a few days. Honestly though I think both are great and you’ll be fine on either.

I’ve looked through his videos and I can’t find one for connecting to a doge wallet. Can you share the link?

It was from memory. Maybe something on the F2Pool dige or ltc page

If you are using F2pool it is in your payout settings. Same place you put your LTC wallet. Will have a place right under where you put your LTC address. Bitcoin merge mines 4 other coins and I am still figuring the namecoin wallet out. I have a minidoge and it helped. I have used many different wallets. COINBASE, GEMINI, BLOCKFI, CRYPTO, and KUCOIN. Find one you like and try to get all assets to it.

I am also using F2Pool to merge mine Litecoin & Dogecoin with my Mini-DOGE, and soon also with my 2 L7’s
For merge mining Namecoin with my S19j Pro 96TH I use the Coinex Exchange, although you won’t get a payout until you had successfully mined 1 BTC, that is also true with Elastos for some reason. Those coins are 1 Namecoin/Elastos for 1 Bitcoin mined…
I still get a daily Hathor payout of 0.13 HTR per day, and VCASH I can manually payout after it hits 0.01 VCASH

what pool location are you using? are you using the or just btc? I have the 1314 as address 2 but thinking of moving it to number one priority because the diff is much less but on my mini doge it would only let me connect to the north american mining pool.

For the S19j Pro 96TH side I have no idea what configuration Compass Mining have. As for the Goldshell Mini-DOGE I have it on the regular ltc.

Does anyone think that Doge will increase back to 50 cents? I’m not worried about the price decrease right now; however, I am concerned about the profitability of my Mini Doge. Because Doge is a meme coin and LTC has more utility, I believe LTC will have more value long term - and I’m not sure Doge has the same ability to survive long term. What do you all think?

I stopped mining Doge as soon as it dropped under 20 cents. I’m mining on Litecoinpool. I know its merge mining and then turning the doge into LTC. I think its a smarter play to horde LTC. Doge has no future long term. Unless they come out with a huge ecosystem of products like Shiba Inu has they don’t stand a chance. LTC will ride the waves of BTC. I’m waiting till LTC hits 400 again to sell and take some profits.

How often does Litecoinpool pay out?

I get paid daily at around 2pm mountain time. I’m mining just over .16 ltc per day with 4 L3+

You can adjust your threshold, I think .01 is the lowest, so everyday with a mini doge if you want

I believe that’s the default too. I am mining with litecoinpool and love it.

Yep on Litecoinpool you can set your threshold as well as interval. For convenience I have mine paying out at .01 threshold but set the interval to once every 24 hrs. So I get a single payout at noon daily.