Mini-Doge Bandwidth Needs

Anyone know the bandwidth requirements, let’s say for F2Pool?

They dont use up much band width unless your running a 10,000 asic mining farm.

Thanks. I have one place with unlimited BW, and one that charges after a certain amount a month. At least I get warnings first.

Are you talking about bandwidth usage, or are you talking about overall data consumption.

If your talking about Bandwidth requirements, the amount of internet speed needed to transfer a packet or frame without bandwidth restrictions increasing the latency. (aka. a bottle neck) Internet bandwidth doesn’t matter as long as you have a decent one, ping is the biggest contributing factor if you’re worried about your miners slowing down your network, unless you have very poor internet quality. If you had to you would get by with a 10mbps connection. I would check your ping though and see how good it is, what ever pool use use get there mining address and open a command prompt on the same network as your miner and type,


A real example with Zergpool would be,


Just make sure to remove the “stratum+tcp://” part and anything after “.com” like “:8080”. The number you want is to be below 80ms preferably below 50ms or less. The lower the better.

If you’re having problems, on a computer on the same internet, go to and reply to me the ping, jitter, packet loss, download, and upload, and I might be able to help diagnose the problem.

If you’re talking about overall collective data consumption, I believe per month you could expect around 900MB to 1GB of usage, just know this is for VerusCoin, but all miners (except for rare occasions) use Stratum+TCP as their protocol so these numbers should only be used as a guide, not an answer.

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