MINI-DOGE by Goldshell from

Just got my new mini miner hooked-up and everything is perfect. Just follow the Voiskcoun videos on this machine (4 total, I think) and you’re good to go!

Major shout out to @Aaron_Raycove up in Montana, the CEO of Big Sky Miners for the machine and advice. Check out his profile for contact information. He’s the real deal, super-nice, and can get the impossible. Thanks, Aaron!

What kind of power supply are you using? I just ordered one with no psu and need to get one

If you’re looking to use multiple mini’s I definitely recommend the bitmain apw7 psu’s, you can run about 8 minis off the one psu. If you’re just doing one then you can grab a 400watt atx psu off newegg for $50.

Looks like a bitmain psu based on the picture shown.

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Thanks Aaron, I appreciate it! Hopefully I’ll have the need for one with those specs sooner vs later!

If you are going for an ATX power supply you can run 3 Box miners off of an 850w for about $100. I got this one on Amazon. I wouldn’t run more than 1 miner off of each cable but it comes with cables to power up to 4.
You’ll have to follow Goldshell’s article about how to start up an ATX power supply if you go this route. Like Aaron said an apw7 is a solid choice too.

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Where is the best place to get an apw7 power supply? eBay, Amazon? What’s a decent price for one?

@Deadhead I would say anything under $200 is a good deal.

Should I buy the one offered by Goldshell instead? I just ordered my first Box miner and wanted to make sure I don’t mess it up

This is what i use on my mini doges.

@Deadhead You can, but the Mini-doge takes a 6-pin for power; any power supply that has a 6-pin power connector will work. To make things simple you can just get their psu and not worry about it any further.

I use the 750W for 2 Mini-Doge and on LB-BOX. Whatever you buy, make sure 80 plus certified.

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Does it matter what level? If I remember correctly the one I have in my old gaming PC is an 80 plus bronze and the one in my new PC is 80 plus gold.