Mini-Doge Doing It's Thing in Customs - Get DHL Tracking

Remember that you can get DHL updates for every step in transit. My box is sitting in customs moving between delay and release: 04 Oct 21 3:28 PM - Customs status updated - CINCINNATI HUB,UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Notification for shipment event group “Clearance delay” for 04 Oct 21.
I’ve had a few delays and a couple of releases. I guess they go through a few different processes (drugs, radiation, chemical, etc).

did DHL ask you for an HS code for import customs clearance?
For each of my GS miners DHL asked me to give them such a code about the item.

No. Or not yet. Just status updates.

DHL: Notification for shipment event group “Out for Delivery” for 05 Oct 21.

Oh happy day!!!


i got 3 dhl without any questions from DHL so far!! happy days indeed when you get the delivery :wink:

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Delivered. The videos don’t do the size justice. Unfortunately, it’s at home and my power supply is in my office, and won’t be able to make it to the office until Monday.

Did u have to do anything? Contact dhl or anything like that? My tracking is still label created but not handed off

normally you do need to contact DHL only in reply if they ask you to do so. As written by Silverknight and also others in different places, it seems that in the USA there is no customs clearing issues.
For me in Germany, DHL contacted me by SMS !! Then I had to follow some links to decalaration forms and later to pay import tax + DHL handling fees.
It really depends on where you are located and how your custom regulations are.

Hi, I am in the UK and will be waiting on a L7 come mid Dec. I know it’s the carrier is DHL and this is my first experience of buying from China. Just wandered what/if any the procedure is for customs clearance for paying import tax’s and fees?

Not a thing. Well, I did sign up for notifications once I had the shipping info, but was never asked for a form or import money or anything.

Actually, it shipped from Hong Kong. All I did was sign up for DHL notifications. Don’t freak out if there’s a customs delay…that’s normal in the US. Have to go to a few phases…drugs, explosives, radioactivity, etc

you want to make sure that your contact details that you gave to the vendor is correct.
In cast that there are customs issues, they will contact you. You want to be available in that case and answer soon if they contact you.
otherwise you just wait for what is comming.