Mini doge Goldshell miner PSU for UK

Purchased a Ev3a600w 80plus on Amazon. Received it today and it won’t turn on. Is it just dead? Are any of you in the UK and could you suggest which PSU will work for the mini doge miner? Thanks for your time!

That is strong enough for it. Did you jump it? PSU without motherboard control need jumper pins.

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Try this so called Jump Start as mentioned by Zpan :slight_smile:

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It worked - I’m a noob and have only used bitmain PSU. Thank you guys so much!

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Do I leave the pins in there permanently then or is there something I should replace the paper clip with?

You should keep it in.
I think it will switch off when you remove it - you can try it.

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If you dont like the paper clip. They sell jumper pin adapters for the ends. Forgot their real name. Lol.

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I found one in my EVGA PSU box last time :slight_smile: It’s like empty connector with one wire bridging those 2 pins …
I found it under ATX Jumper Plug - sorry I can not stop laughing :slight_smile:

You can find them on amazon for around 5 dollars

Jumper pin, jumper plug. Close enough. But it looks fancy and nice. Or just a paperclip works too. 5 dollars is lots of nuggets. Just saying.

I agree 5 is quite a lot for one wire.
I am using the one that came with EVGA PSU and on other PSUs just short wire with soldered ends so it stays in connector. BTW I am not sure if you can buy plug for PSU, cause all I have seen are to be inserted at the of ATX cables, but if you have a modular PSU you have to have whole ATX cable just to connect 2 wires :slight_smile: It would be much better to bridge them directly on PSU without need of chunky cables.

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Awesome thank you guys this was for my fiancé and when he powered it on he discovered this….

Some lucky guy. I have 3 and non of them do this lol he buys one and of course he gets the special edition. Sorry don’t know why the images are sideways and cut off lol

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heh no worries I have 11 boxes an non of them is doing it - if it makes you feel better lol :rofl:

Yes! I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought this. I even looked all over Amazon trying to find one. I may try to find a plug in a thrift store and modify it. Or just modify mine. It’s silly you need all that cabling just to jumper 2 pins.

I have bought 6 Goldshell miners and just added a 7th that arrived a week ago. I was so excited when I plugged it in and it had the cool led fans! Congrats!

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Goldshell is doing marketing right. Except for the update for batches. The different edition graphics, new wifi, led. They are trying and the community is eating it up. And there was a hint of a new product. Hope it’s a new box miner. Really do like the box designs.