Mini Doge or KD-BOX?

As Goldshell does their weekly (assumed) release of a handful of each miner, if you had the funds (KD is $1499 but mines over $6/day), which would be your first choice?
And if first choice is sold out, would you buy the other?
And, of course, there are a few of the other Box miners always in stock. So you can comment on those as would like to hear what you have to say.
I currently have a Mini-Doge and a LBRY, but can support (PSU) one other Box.

Well for $1499 you could get 1 kd-box or 2 mini-doge miners. The one KD would mine more $ for half the power of 2 doges. However they could be making the same by the time you got the order though. If you are bullish Doge or LTC and plan on holding that may be a better route. Or if you want some different coins go KDA. I’d love to have a kd-box at the original 1200 price. Sorry, I’m not making this easier. I missed out on a kd last week so I actually did buy 2 more doge miners (total 3 now) before they sold out.

Don’t be sorry. You answered. You went with your second choice

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