Mini-Doge Performance

I have a Mini-Doge and I joined the mining pool. I only have one Mini-Doge…hence nothing to compare it to. I’m curious what everyone else’s performance looks like. I’m not sure what the best metric is to use, but I’ll start here: over the last four days (beginning August 14) I’m earning an average of $3.34 per day.

How’s your Mini-Doge doing? Please share a better metric other than USD per day if there is a better one. Thanks.

Sounds about right, im on F2 Pool making $3.50 a day

LTC .005 - .0045 per day Currently = 0.85

DOGE = 9 - 8 per day currently = $2.64

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That’s really good


0.0034 LTC
5 TO 7 Doge

This is per day. So perhaps I should change pools

I’m averaging at about 0.0044 to 0.0048 LTC/day, and 7 to 9 DOGE/day on F2pool, despite my Mini Doge dropping its hashrate to 0 every 2 days…

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SUNYNKA, saw your other post about having to restart your Mini-DOGE repeatedly. So sorry! Mine has worked flawlessly. I think I got mine a few weeks before you got yours and it’s been cranking with no downtime except for when I chose to move it’s physical location.

Thanks Ray,

My miner has been up for 2 day and 5 hours and counting… lets see if it reaches day 3 at least lol :crossed_fingers: :laughing:

Other that that, its crazy profitable (I don’t count the US$20 dollars of electricity per month because lets be real, I spend that in Uber Eats lol)

Lets keep fingers crossed that it will continue to be up and not go down…

It died @ 2 days/5 hours/43 minutes lol

I just reset it again lol

Before it crashed it was doing a combination of slow red blinking light and blue rapid blinking, and blue slow light blinking with red rapid light blinking…

Me too!!! its very annoying and it seems to be at similar times between 2 and 5 am EST. mines gone down still running physically full speed but the hash rate drops to 0. I just unplug the power and plug it right back in seems to do the trick lol. i wasnt sure why but maybe someone will post a solution. good to see im not the only one.

What firmware you got?

If you have 2.0.3 then downgrade to 2.0.2, I literally did just that and now my mini doge is running as smooth as a swiss watch for 10 days non stop and counting :sunglasses:

Similar result for me, though seems to have dropped to 0.0038 LTC
these last few days.

MiniDoge performance, was hoping for more, especially as the miner costs about 10k for me. Currently moved to New LTC Binance pool

My MiniDoge is having an issue with the power cable. My MiniDoge doesn’t turn on when I plug in the Goldshell PSU. If I wiggle the cable then it might turn on. I imagine I need to replace the insert end inside the miner, but I’m not sure that is the correct solution. What do you guys recommend?

Yes check the power inlet on the miner I had to replace mine it’s a bitch. Hit me up if you need help, but the brick PSU always burns up the ends. Do yourself a favor chunk that fire hazard brick in the trash and get the 4BoX miner PSU by Goldshell