Mini-Doge Powerplan

When I received my Mini and turned it on it defaulted to the “HashRate” PowerPlan, the highest setting. I am concerned about longevity and trying to balance it against profits. I’ve had it running a couple weeks now, but just concerned that I may be beating it up more than I should by leaving it at the highest setting. What does everyone else do and why? Thanks, any thoughts would be appreciated.

I got my mini doge in hashrate mode at the moment to maximize profits.

How long have you been running it in Hashrate mode?

1d 0h 2m and counting… :grin:

Merge mining is very interesting to me. I actually love that concept for MANY reasons. It reminds me of CPU/GPU mining. Intel I9 with twin 3090’s or Intel …or Threaddripper with twin RX 6900XT’s …

But guess what Intel has a beast coming out and my guy at AMD says that they have a dual GPU in ONE !

Imagine that build ! And the versatility…!

Yeah, just wondering what damage (if any) we are doing to those ASICs at the Hashrate level powerplan. At some point the miner will have a residual value of zero, so trying to learn more about where the sweet spot is between profitability, overworking the device and obsolescence.

as this is the default setting and mostly because there is a warning notice that says changing the powerplan could cause damage to the miner, I dont feel the urge to change the setting of my miner.

I wonder if reducing the power mode could possibly cause overheating issues or similar due to fan speed reduction? Until now I did not find any instruction or information what the balanced or low poer setting will do.

My guess is that it will reduce the power usage, but for a device that only consumes around $20.00 USD/month and makes around $70.00 USD/month I think it will do more harm than good to put it in such mode. So I just keep it in Hashrate mode… :laughing: