Mini doge pro firmware update made my machine crash

I recently try to update the firmware on the mini doge pro and it now doesn’t run properly and I can’t find it on find my miner on goldshell. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

Do a factory reset and switch it off then on. It will more than likely have a different IP address after so check your router or use whatever utility in order to find the new ip.

Where did you download the firmware from?

Have you updated to version 2.2.4?

I can’t get it to reset and won’t show up on find my miner. I got the firmware from the link from goldshell to GitHub. I want to try a recovery. Does any one have the mini doge pro recovery image?

I can’t help thinking between rebooting and running the box, there could be an issue with what now should be the genuine IP address.

I’ve never used find my miner and always rely on my routers list of IP’s. It might be worth downloading advanced ip scanner and checking out what it finds on your network.

Are you using WiFi or a wired Ethernet port. I personally plug all mine in.

All my box miners show as

Shanghai info TM Microelectronics Co, Ltd

I have had miners change their IP’s and when using the original address as I was unaware it had changed, I was able to get to a screen that looked like the box miner. But I struggled to do anything, so checked IPs on my router to find it had changed.

Just did an advanced IP scan and it didn’t show up

Couple of final things that might assist you.

Is there 2 buttons on the back? One that protrudes and one inside one of the vented holes next to the external switch.

If you power off the box, give it a few mins and then hold the external button in for 10 secs and this should force a change of IP address. Check your router or advanced ip to see if an ip is now showing.

Failing this, press the internal button with a pen and hold it for 10 secs. If this works, it should force a factory reset. Once again check advanced ip to see if it’s recognised.

Incidentally most people appear to have ascertained the ip from their router which obviously assigns the address. This is what I use personally

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