Mini doge profits going up

I have noticed the profits slowly going up in dx pool, i guess people are turning theirs of if not profitable ,luckily i have 2 running on free power and one im paying for and sucking up the power bill .

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That’s encouraging! Mine are still negative return but hoping things will go back up soon!

Yep with free power im enjoying it also! Im mining on litecoinpool and the coin % has risen 19% for me. I’ve only been mining for just over half a year but I’m starting to think the bear market is where the money is made mining. Investing in electricity one way or another is just as important as investing in asics. Happy mining ledge

My power is cheap and my basement is cold. If anybody would like to help me install circuits I’d be able to host probably 5-to-10 miners in my basement.:slight_smile: also yeah I’m still pretty ignorant to why but my mini doges r slightly up too now that I look​:eyes: difficulty must be going down from everybody on reddit crying and unplugging their L3s

All of it is from people who bought low end miner or doge miner who now can’t pay there electric bill to cover it while it’s not profitable just by looking at difficultly past weeks most are turning off there l3 x5 l5 lt5 so really it’s the l7 running and some of us that still are running the lower end asic with cheap electric. Me I’ll still run the small amount of l3 i have but I can cover my 1200 a month electric bill for two years before I think about turning off any of my asic