Mini Doge: Which Pool & Why

No issues at all for me. I watch one YouTube tutorial where the guy just didn’t know what he was doing.
Let me know if you need any help.

I have 2 x L3+ 504s I n Nicehash. Payout is in BTC, getting about $17 to $20/ 24 Hrs for 2 machines. About .00034400 BTC/ 24hrs. Power consumption rate at 800 watts each but have not checked it for real. More power used but more hashing as well than Mini doge miners but overall I think more profitable, even with higher capital cost per machine.
But the mini doge has been a hard work worry free machine so far. Tails edition.

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Forgot to mention hashing at about 600 M+ average

Got the mini doge running on Litecoinpool. Tried F2Pool for a bit. I have the mini and 2 l3++ on Litecoinpool now. Tried nicehash for a few days too. I like Litecoinpool the best right now. Seems the most straight forward and consistent pay rate. Only been mining a couple of weeks though I’m sure I’ve got a lot to learn.

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Appreciate the feed back…any suggestions on best place to purchase. The scamming going on all over makes it hard to trust any site. I started using the scam detector. Its helpful but not full proof.

I’ve seen some people say they’ve had good luck with That’s where I considered ordering one. They have L3+ in stock for $1,419.

I got my l3s a couple of weeks ago from Newegg. It felt kinda clunky and made me nervous but they showed up and ran just fine. Had a fan with some broken plastic but I contacted seller and he is sending a replacement. Seemed pretty helpful. Runs fine for now. Have a third machine on the way. Took 10-12 days but I thought not bad at all the way shipping is right now. Seller was called Galancy Tech

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Yeah the got a 100 off the scam detector…first one of many that got that high. Its only 1335.89 on this site. Perfect I will try them out.

I bought one from Crypto Miner Bros was mid summer, shipped fast, but I had to do a SD card wipe and reboot because if it rebooted for some reason it would default to someone else’s account. All good now. Was in the $1200 range ATT. Also got one on Alibaba about the same time had a really good experience shipped fast and no problems with the machine about$1100 delivered. I just order 3 more refurbished ones before the shutdown for about $870 each delivered on Alibaba.

I purchased an L3+ (received an L3++) from cryptominerbros a little over a month ago. Averaging 640mh with it overclocked. Pulls 1080 watts.

So no issues with the ones you got from Alibaba? This site has product (CHEAP PRICES) that sell through them so if you get a good seller then you get a good product is this how this site works?

I was using prohashing in the beginning and receiving payout in both ltc and doge but notice my hash rates would be low. So I switch to and noticed steady hash rates and consistent payout of Ltc only with no fees. At current price of ltc I’m pulling an average of over 5 bucks a day with 2 mini doge.