Mini Doge: Which Pool & Why

F2Pool is the YouTube favorite. People always like dxpool, but some say it’s a lower payout. What’s the group say? What are you using?

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I’m using F2pool, kinda by default, it’s were the herd was headed. But I would love to try out litecoinpool, after all it’s Litecoin/Doge I am mining.


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With litecoinpool, you merge mine LTC/DOGE but receive payments only in LTC grossed up for the equivalent DOGE award. Might or not matter to you depending on whether you just want LTC or you want both coins.


Interesting, good to know that about litecoinpool. I’m using F2Pool but I’ve only been mining for 3 days. I may try another with a lesser fee eventually.

I’m on F2Pool (2 ASICs mining LTC/DOGE) and have been considering switching to litecoinpool. So I’m learning a bit about it before making the leap. But I’m just lazy to switch what had been working fine, plus I loathe any potential downtime from hashing. That said, litecoinpool likely would be a good choice due to fee structure. Also, I don’t hold LTC or DOGE for any length of time as I tend to swap to BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT or LINK, depending on how LTC/DOGE has performed against each coin.

As an fyi, you’ll also notice that your DOGE payout yesterday probably was about half of what you would’ve expected (mine was). If so, it’s because F2Pool was upgrading servers causing low DOGE payout (LTC was fine). Once they do the recalc, you’ll get paid the correct amount of DOGE (i.e. the remainder).


I was about to start digging into this today. I am glad you answered before I had to research to much.

Yep, I saw the notification about Doge. I’m mining with my first asic, a mini doge. Day 1 I mined in hashrate mode, day 2 balanced, now on day 3 and using low power. I just want to baseline the hash power, temps, and LTC/doge payouts on each. I was surprised that balanced mode was just as hot.

Hashrate: 185 MH/s, 77C, 0.00397748 LTC, 7.6367616 DOGE
Balanced: 175 MH/s, 77C, 0.00387632 LTC, 6.847131643669397
Low power: 151 MH/s, 68C, 0.00338731 LTC, 5.57484529 DOGE


You can get them down to low 60’s in hashrate mode with a small fan behind cooling the intake air

Use Litecoinpool best by far. If you want dogecoin sell some ltc and buy it


thanks for posting this results. I ve been to lazy and also to afraid of posible damaging the miner due to changing the mode.

did you maybe also monitor the power consumption in different modes?

Has anyone tried ViaBTC for mining minidoge?

About that, they posted the following announcement: " Due to the server upgrade, the Dogecoin revenue was affected on October 9, 2021. f2pool will recalculate the actual income of Dogecoin to correct amounts and compensate you after the calculation is completed."

I wonder how long will it take them to fix this issue, since my second DOGE payout was lower than usual, not to mention the one from yesterday…

I usually get 7.4 to 7.8 DOGE/day but yesterday was more like 3.1 DOGE and then today I got 6.8 DOGE, even though my mining difficulty was higher when I made the 7.8 DOGE…

I just updated my post with the totals. Yea I’ve been wondering how long to correct doge too. Strange timing as it messes up my hash test, at least for doge.

So far F2Pool owes me at least 4 DOGE…

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They corrected mine, you should now have the correct amount. Also edited above post again to show corrected doge.

They do have more than 50% of the hash power. Does that really concern anyone?

I didn’t know that, thnx.

I can’t get my mini doge to connect to Litecoinpool. Is it not possible or am I doing it wrong?

I started out on F2 and switched over to litecoinpool because I’m mining straight into my BlockFi account and they don’t accept Doge. But yes it was a bit tricky getting one of my miners to start running on litecoinpool. It only worked if I had a backup pool registered as well, so I used my F2 as a backup.

Thanks. I’ll try that

Is anyone mining with the Antminer L3+ (600mh) or (504)? I was looking to purchase two of these from either Minor Bros or Ebay. Just looking for some feed back. I would like to get the mini doge but those are hard to find. It looks like the L3+ has more of a return compared to the mini doge.