Mini Doge with RGB lights

Hey all! Did anyone got a Goldshell Tails edition with RGB lights?
I’ve been searching how to turn them off, but no success, can anyone help me please?

Not directly related but I did email Goldshell asking if I could dim the blue led on my mini-doge or at least stop it flashing. I had the miner in a bedroom and it was distracting at night. They said there is no way to do that.

My guess is the same is true for you. I haven’t looked inside mine but I believe the leds are in the fans. If true you may be able to disable the leds or at worst swap out the fans. Those led ones are a hot commodity. Maybe trade with someone or sell yours outright and get another if you don’t like the leds.

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I’m happy with the RGB, I was just curious if you can :slight_smile:
I found an extra switch on the machine, just above the power inlet. I’m wondering what will it do

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Nice. Well let us know what the switch does.

Nope. In the menu, as you know, the LED selection is for an artsy light show on the exhaust side.
I initially hated it, now I barely notice it.