Mini doge won’t log into my f2pool

Hey guys, just got my many today… excited… but followed all the tuts and just recent downgraded to 2.0 firmware with no luck… on the 2.0 firmware the wheel keeps spinning.
My steps:
Newest firm where
Copy url from f2 pool under workers while under LTC
Added my user name .001
Password just made it up
Wouldn’t let me copy so just clicked
And user name with and with out .001
Password just made it up

Any help would be great.

IP setting did not populate either??

Dude me to! Its making me crazy. I have four of the Vosk Ed. running but can get only two to stick in the pool. I have tried every thing. Voskcoin needs to do an in depth “how to” between the Box with F2pool, just the F2pool, and maybe work out there suttle nuances with and for us.

In my case, what I did was just click on the F2Pool button to generate the stratum URL, then on the worker name I copy and pasted the worker name that was on the F2Pool How to add a worker setup guide.

On password I just copy and pasted the password that was on the F2Pool How to add a worker setup guide.

I am running my mini doge on firmware version 2.0.2, and it’s been running and mining and hashing as smooth as a swiss watch on F2Pool.

The shovel icon next to your address should be green if the URL is correct- When I set mine up, it copied the Stratum+tcp:// part twice because the menu in your miner automatically adds that part of the URL, so make sure Stratum only shows once in your pool command after you saved. or it will never connect

IE (once you saved it should look like for North america):

Multiple miners not just one. I have four hashing away, but can only connect two of the miners. I don’t know how to add multiple miners, or am doing something wrong. I can really use help with this as two of my miners are running but not earning. Please help…Please & Thank You.

OK, And that was saved on your miner side, or the F2pool side?