Mini-Doge / XX-Box Orientation (is laying on its side ok?)

In pretty much every video I can remember, I’ve seen the Mini-Doge and other Box miners (LB-BOX) placed so they are standing up normally (meaning there’s a vertical column fan stack). Has anyone laid these on their side (basically the bottom becomes a side and a side becomes the bottom)?
This would have the fans in a horizontal row. I don’t think this would be an issue, but thought I would check as it’s a physical space issue for me.

Answer only for the Voskcoin Spec.Ed. and the HS Boxes Mini Doge Miners.
I’ve had them every which way lol. As with all ASIC miners they need air “movement” across the boards, with these lil’ miners the way there built anyway is up. **BUT,**where the ethernet, and power intersect with the miner is VERY Delicate, so be careful when dealing with that.

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I think unless you put them fans face down or fans up (blocking airflow) you’ll be fine.


KBB mine came with a little wifi antenna. I was reluctant to try it at first so I stuck with cat5. But it’s been mining for over 2 days on Wi-Fi only and mined it’s highest hashrate and payout tonight. Received it last Thursday for reference.

Oh…Mine didn’t hungh, just use common sense, as with life.
Otherwise you enjoying the ride?

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Yes. Mini Doge mining its little heart out. LB-BOX shipped today so preparing. Looks like 16-18 months for ROI on both.
I’ve got easy room for 2. But might buy a 3rd box. That’s the side one to lay on the top of the other 2. Air circulation will be clean and clear.

That sounds great! Keep on mining

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