Mini Dogecoin and Litecoin miner for your home!

Goldshell isn’t the only one making mini miners, Futurebit created their Apollo LTC pod to mine Dogecoin and Litecoin in your house. YES, this is a mini DOGE miner and it runs a full Litecoin node?! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Mining cryptocurrencies at home is an incredible way to earn passive income with cryptocurrency and to decentralize blockchains. Futurebit has been creating mini miners for mining at home for years and released the futurebit moonlander a few years ago, a USB miner for mining Litecoin LTC Doge dogecoin and other scrypt cryptocurrencies. Futurebit later released the Apollo Pod miner for more powerful Litecoin LTC and DOGE Dogecoin mining and even updated it to enable a full node to be ran on their mini miner! Futurebit didn’t stop there and they have created a mini bitcoin miner the Futurebit Apollo BTC miner that also supports a Bitcoin node. FutureBit is competing against the Bitmain Antminer L7 and the Goldshell Mini-Doge miner, let’s review these profitable mini mining rigs for making money from home online!

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00:00 Mini miner that’s also a full node
02:58 FutureBit Apollo miner
05:20 Military Finance
06:20 How to set up the Futurebit Apollo miner
07:07 Troubleshooting Futurebit Apollo LTC miner
08:15 Goldshell Mini Doge vs Futurebit Apollo miner
09:38 How I’m staking earning interest with Litecoin LTC
10:21 Futurebit Apollo LTC efficiency
11:59 Differences between Goldshell & Futurebit
13:30 Apollo Miner update
14:28 VirtualRise - hyper-deflationary NFT marketplace
16:19 Should I buy the Futurebit Apollo LTC pod
17:30 Futurebit Apollo LTC & Doge profitability
19:12 What miner should I buy for home mining?
21:09 VoskCoin Futurebit Apollo review

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Futurebit miner review