MiniDOGE Hashrate or Balanced Mode

I’m seeing a few MiniDoge’s with the 6-pin connector melting to the connection. Two of which where from the stock PSU. I’m running a Bitmain and plan to not use more than three miniDoges on it. Is running Hashrate mode taking a huge risk?

Should I use balanced mode?

Is the 233+ too much for the connection or the couple that had the melting issue had another problem?

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I have done the same personally with no issue.
This is how they were designed to be run
I was able to cool the mini doge by over 10 degrees by running a small $5 low power aluminum blade table fan behind it.


I think they had inferior PSU’s. The Goldshell ones are questionable as well. One was a EVGA I believe but they used a 6-pin that had two on the same wire. I think as long as you have a decent PSU, you are fine or else we’d be hearing a lot more about this.

Thanks for easing my mind!


Thr goldshell single miner psu got way too hot in my opinion