Minidoge problems

Hi,my minidoge miner work for a week properly.then the suply cable start blinking red and lose the hashrate.change with bitmain 1600W .same .no hashrate at all.can someone help please. :roll_eyes:

Have you received any help yet, as I am curious.

This is interesting. Mine is scheduled to arrive at my doorstep on the 5th, so I’m also curious.

I received mine yesterday. Running solid on Dx pool.

If the unit does turn on, recheck your network, change the cable. Check if it shows on the Goldshell site. If it shows up on the site, set up the machine as if it’s the first use. If that fails then Perhaps reach out to Goldshell directly for this. Perhaps they will RMA the unit for you.

Good luck

hello to everyone,

I have my very first miner, the minidoge running since 30 of July on f2pool.
Since then I discovered already two times some situations that when I came home from work, the miner was kind of hung up. I imideately noticed a different sound from the fans and the epileptic flickering of the blue LED was different than usual. So first I tryed to check the status of the device, but the browser did not find the device and the pool overview indicated that the miner was off.
After a hard reset it started to run normal like if nothing ever happened. But anyway, the 24h hashrate was down and less coins earned although the power consumption was consistently high.

Did anyone here have similar problems or have an idea how to avoid this?

This happened to me 2 days ago when I left the AC on, I guess my mini doge don’t like cool temperatures, since it only did that when the ac was on. Other than that its running just fine mining Litecoin and Dogecoin on F2pool.

Lets hope it stays that way! :crossed_fingers: :grin:

send a e mail a week ago .no answer wet

It happened again. 4 hours ago the miner just stoped mining and was not responding anymore. But fans where running and the power consumtion was still there. This time I could not even notice it by the noise or the LED, but only because I happened to check the pool.
There have been no circumstances that I could see as a reason. Constant and moderate temperature, no noticeable electric issue or else.
I write to goldshell and wait their answer, but …

Because of my very high electric cost ($ 0.35) I absolutely can’t afford to have it running for nothing. And when I am out for work, how could I control it?

Probably my short adventure into the world of crypto mining will end here after only 2 weeks.:disappointed_relieved:

It would be highly appreciated if anyone here has an idea about this.

I got a non-US plug with my minidoge, can I just swap it for a US style?

That’s exactly what I did, I got my plug on Office Depot/Office Max :grin:

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