Minimal internet speed requirements

i have 20/1 Mbps internet conection acording to my operator. is it enough for s19j 100 th to mine effectively? . What are the minimum speed requirements for these miners. please help

Question is, how many devices including gaming consoles and PC’s are using your wifi?

With a very basic home internet connection its about 8 devices before things start lagging.

Then I will try to upgrade it to the highest internet speed you can find in all honesty.

Or see if you can have a 2nd internet connection from the same provider that’s dedicating for your mining only.

Hey MiuraAnjin88, the band width is very small for mining, all the work is done “in the miner”, so before you go spending more money ask around here first maybe we will have a solution for you. Good Luck.

As far as I know, ASICs need very little bandwidth.

You can also prioritize devices in your router so that should not be an issue. If internet connection is bad, you will see it in the miners log and you will see rejection rate increase.

Apart from minimum bandwith, what is the expected Data Usage per month for a miner. Reason I am asking is that i am planning to use a LTE router on the planned location. It is probably specific to the miner or algorithm used, but maybe someone can just give a broad estimation. Appreciate your help.

Good question, only wish I could answer it.