Minimum Investment, Maximum Return

Hey guys!

I have a spare PC laying around, and have been considering making a “spare parts” miner, as the investment aspect would be absolutely minimal, with my only real cost being a GPU. My question is, do we think the Erica8 motherboard is any kind of viable as an option even for a budget build? It comes out of a dedicated gaming pc that actually performed very well, but I haven’t seen or heard of anyone trying to use it in a mining rig.

Any info is helpful! And if there isn’t much info already, then I may just try it and share what i find out!

It’ll take you years to make your money back with a GPU, if ever. If it’s just a project for fun, I would check out ebay for anything used. Some people are selling off lots of last gen GPU’s for penny’s on the dollar.

Also, if it’s an old computer, be careful with overloading your power supply. Old workstations were not made for modern graphics cards.


its only about 2 years old the power supply is still solid but im looking at a 24gb 3090 right now for a good price. im not really worried about paying rent off of this miner its more of an “introductory” learn how everything works build. if i have $300 invested in this rig in totality then my hope is that i can learn and any mistakes will be a minimal cost instead of paying over 700 with no experience. i know a guy that mines and is trying to get in to immersion mining and hes selling me a 3090 for what i consider cheap so thats what drove my interest really

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As stated by @Spencer_Honald CHECK THE PSU SPECS especially for a 3090!!! check for fairly accurate profits/revenue on your setup, CPU/GPU