Mining and internet usage

New to mining, but have watched a ton of Vosk videos today. Thinking about pulling the trigger on the Evergreen bundle to get my feet wet. One thing that I haven’t really seen discussed is how much internet usage mining creates. I current internet provider currently has a tiered plan depending on monthly usage. Can anyone provide me with some information regarding usage? My current plan is only 75 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload, and includes 1.2 TB of data per month. Can you mine with these kinds of speeds? Thanks in advance!


Yes you can mine just fine with those speeds. Of course with enough miners, sure you can go over.

Generally said mining consumes very little bandwidth. Each type of crypto is its own, but they are all kind of small data packets. A “running hard” mining connection will do about 700 bytes per second -Out , and about 2000 bytes per second coming -IN (aka 2.7 KB per second) (2.7 x 60 = 162 kb per minute) (162 x 60 = 9720 kb per hour Or 9.72 Mb per hour ) (9.72 Mb x 24 hours = 233.28 MB per day) ( 233.28 x 30 days = 6.99 GB per month)

IMO it’s much less than that. That example is a hard running miner. What ever it is exactly , It has never been a problem. One of those things/thoughts you think about but it never becomes an issue and is low priority on the list. I’m worried more about residential fires than bandwidth consumption.

Welcome to the community. Take your sweet time picking the right place to buy a miner, and study up on the crypto type first. Be cautious of buying your miner from a con-man or scammer ( double, triple, quadruple check that your miner source is legit and doesn’t take money and run ). Mining is a Turtles game, there is no need to race to anything. When you pick a new miner, take the time to up-your-game on wallets. Specifically for the crypto you will be mining. Get an exchange wallet, learn to host your own wallet (computer) and maybe even get a cell phone wallet. A wallet , a back-up and your back-up’s backup. Go to the Crypto’s main website and read it.

Cheers Mate. I hope you enjoy the journey.


Those speeds are more than suitable and as previous poster has stated double triple quadruple check everything.
Its s marathon not a sprint its your hard earned money and a wring move can be costly

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Speed isn’t the thing with mining. Latency does come into play with stale shares. ASICs use very little bandwidth, on the order of 1/2 Gb per month with Bitmans. Goldshells use much more, like ~10x in my experience. Chia is high in comparison because of the plots being constantly pinged. 1.2 TB should not be a problem IMO. That’s more than enough for many giant Chia farms.

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Do your research… been mining for a few years and it’s not very profitable. New miners come out difficulty increases and profits decrease. I’ve Been fortunate to sale mine at the right time and upgrade but ROI has been hard to achieve.

This could all change in a bull run but it’s a painful waiting process.