Mining and selling strategy

Curious as to what is everyone’s strategy when it comes to mining?

Do you sell to USD/T after every payout? HODL coins?

Just bought a few different miners with money from my retirement savings. They will be hosted at a mining farm. My thought process is since its a long term play, to cash out enough to pay the hosting /electric fees every month. I’m thinking holding in BTC until I feel like we hit a peak and sell 3/4 of my holdings to stable coins with a high APY. Then just start stacking again until another peak, possibly through bear market or just another all time high.

What do you guys do!?

Basically, I am forced to sell my coins to repay the large expenditure it took to buy them. I usually save until I’ve earned over $1k -$2k and wait for a large pump. At that time I sell to FIAT and repay. By the end of the year, I will be debt free.

My debt free strategy is to HODL coins looking for long term high. At that point I will recoup the costs of the original purchase, leaving the remaining coins to HODL forever. My Moon Bag! Since I’ve gotten my original investment back, this MOON BAG cost me nothing!

That’s the plan.

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I am thinking of using waiting until I hit ROI for the miner and then rolling that back into another miner before HODLing. Trying to get as many passive income producing machines as possible.

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I mine straight into my exchange and use to trade to keep the electric cost equalized if you will but… so far so good

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