Mining cave rigs

Is mining cave a good co. to build a gpu starter rig with or is there a better idea out there?

Personally I think mining cave is a little expensive, but there gear is pretty sweet.
But price is almost taking a back seat to quality since everything about computers, rigs and mining is going up in price day by day.

Here is a link to a Vosk post from a member. The video is new and is all about pricing. I think you will like it.

I bought a 12 gpu rig from them in Jan and bought all the gpus at retail as I could… 6600s and 6600 xts with a 3060 and 2060… I have zero clue what I’m doing…
I unpacked it… put the cards on… set up a hiveos account and flashed the ssd… I’ve never done any of this before but their plug and play was just that… few days tuning cards to stability and set since… im sure it was overpriced at 1500usd but that was my cost of admission to skip watching videos and jump in… I guess my feedback is they assemble great builds… I probably way overpaid vs learning how to build it but I wasn’t interested in learning how to build… just uptime asap… and it took like 30 days to receive it… sometimes it’s worth buying other people’s time… I figured I could always reverse engineer another if I want to build more, but I think I’m onto asics