Mining Cooling Phoenix Arizona

Long story short, I got into crypto mining not that long ago. About 8-9 months at this point. I currently rent, but plan to buy a home in 12-13 months. I recently got my hands on several gold shell miners (4 CK-BOX , 4 LTC/DOGE - BOX, 4 LBRY-BOX). My monthly profits are really nice, combining that with my 3090 @ 120MH/s. I live in Phoenix Arizona, and well, temperatures are not always cold here. A year or two ago, we had 180 plus days of 110F temps each day.

I am new to mining, but also know keeping things cool is a must. My plan is to buy a home and convert a room, or part of the garage into a mining paradise. I am even open to a mining shed approach. Operating temps of my Asics are only to 95F, and with temps over 100 most of the year, I worry I will not properly cool them with ambient air. I am trying to learn about high velocity air and other methods to cool these miners, without the need to use AC(very costly) if at all possible.

I have a year to put together a plan to do this. I also want to hold off on buying more miners (sadly). My rental home is already taxed on several breakers (80% rule), and I want to make sure any money I do need goes to proper infrastructure of this new operation where I am in control.

What recommendations do you have or places I can look and research on this? I know the solution might be costly, but I can offset a lot of that with solar (hooray for almost no clouds and 100% sun).