Mining CryptoNightR on NiceHash with Goldshell ST-Box (STC)

The Goldshell ST-Box uses the CryptoNightR algorithm with a maximum of 13.92KH/s (13920H/s) at 61 Watts.1

Minerstat has a NiceHash CryptoNightR mining calculator,2 which says it would make $2.73 profit at a $0.10 electricity rate. Which is nearly double what the ASIC would make by mining STC, whose profit is currently $1.23.

I would be interested in seeing if it actually makes this much, what it actually makes, and if minerstat is wrong.

I found the NiceHash TCP and SSL setup links to enter into the ASIC miners.3 You will just have to replace the “LOCATION” with what region you are in and that should be it.4

Does anyone have any experience trying to set this up with their ST-Box? If so, did it work and how was your profitability? What are your thoughts on this? Do you think you will try it?

NiceHash Mining Info:
• LOCATION: eu-west, eu-north, usa-west, usa-east
• TCP LINK: stratum+tcp://
• SSL LINK: stratum+ssl://
• USA-EAST: stratum+tcp://

• 1. ASIC Miner Value - Goldshell ST-Box profitability
• 2. Minerstat - NiceHash CryptoNightR mining calculator
• 3. NiceHash - Supported Algorithms List
• 4. NiceHash - CryptoNightR Statistics

I’ve tried several variations to make this work on my ST-Boxes, but with no luck. Nicehash shows the miners connected, but never accepts or rejects any hashes.