Mining Dogecoins in my Bathroom

I mine cryptocurrency full-time from my home - and this quiet, small miner is mining in my bathroom?! Is it safe to mine crypto in your bathroom? Is my GF mad I mine Dogecoin in my bathroom?! Goldshell Mini Doge Pro miner review! Sub to VoskCoin!

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If you’re looking for the best dogecoin miner or a profitable DOGE mining rig then you probably know about the Goldshell Mini-Doge. But now they’ve released the Mini-Doge Pro! How does it stand against the original Mini-Doge? Should you buy the mini doge miner or the mini doge pro miner? If you are new to mining and want to buy your first crypto mining rig to earn passive income mining cryptocurrency then the Goldshell Mini Doge Pro miner is a small, quiet and nearly silent, profitable Scrypt ASIC mini miner - but is it the best miner to buy right now?

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00:00 I’m mining crypto in my bathroom?!
01:40 Goldshell Mini Doge Pro setup
03:26 Setting up a mining pool for the Mini Doge Pro
07:01 Goldshell Mini Doge Pro hashrate
08:56 Mini Doge Pro profitability
10:30 Where to buy Mini Doge Pro miners
13:10 CoinEx crypto trading
13:43 Mini Doge vs Mini Doge Pro
16:23 Will Doge Proof of Stake be a problem?
18:39 VoskCoin Mini Doge Pro review

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Mining Dogecoins in my Bathroom Goldshell mini-doge pro miner review

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