Mining Electricity Questions

So if you upgrade your electricity to 240v/30amps, you can only draw 80% of that for safety reasons, which is 24 amps. If you have an ASIC miner that takes up 2556W, how many of them can you use? only 2? That doesn’t seem right, what am I missing here? Is it 30 amps per outlet in your house?

People that tell you one thing and then do something else that meets their needs.

Really when it comes to advise on the internet you should always provide the safe and correct option.

Tire sales people cannot tell the customer to run 24 PSI for performance and best grip on race tires. They have to tell you the manufacture recommended PSI even if it is some crazy number like 42 PSI.

im asking for advice

you need to go to your breaker box and look at your own breakers. What if you live in a 70 year old house with cotton wrap wiring like my grand mothers lives in today? People on the internet cannot say anything but the 80% rule and you evaluate your own wiring and age.

I run 3 high amp power power supplies on a 30amp wiring but that does not mean they are overloading it if my wiring is better than 14/2 Rolmex which is very typical for indoor wiring
14-2 Romex 15 A Lighting Circuits

im more interested in what kind of rig is your grandma is running with all that cotton wrapped wiring.