Mining ETC with A10

Hello, i am trying to mine some ETC with my Innosilicon a10. So far not very succesful.

Is there already somebody who is succesful mining ETC with his A10 ?

ETC will drop its DAG on Nov. 28th down to 2.4 GB. The DAG is currently at 3.9…GB. You can not mine ETC before Nov. 28th, but after that !
In the mean time (until Nov. 28th) you could mine Expanse (EXP), EtherSocial or Metaverse and a few other coins with your A10 and learn how to run it.

I am mining ETC : by a hashrate of 571MHZ right now. crazypool is the only pool who support a asic miner to mine ETC.

wich pools do you use to mine the coins you suggest ?