Mining Etherium vs Ravencoin?

For some reason I seem to have heard a lot about Ravencoin lately and I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve done a little searching on the topic or what. But I’m wondering from personal experience what is everyone’s thoughts on mining the two? It looks like Etherium is more profitable to mine but several videos I have listened to say the opposite. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like from a GPU standpoint the only difference is Ravencoin needs more internal GPU memory to get a higher hash rate.

Following closely, I tend to agree with you. It’s so confusing but I will be mining ETH untill it’s moving away from POW.

So I’m also curious for those mining Ethereum why did you choose to mine Ethereum instead of bitcoin or some other currency?

In my opinion i think people choose to mine raven over ethereum potentially because of the upside that coin could see as its #123 on coinmarketcap. So the amount of X you could make on raven over 6 months is probably going to be higher then ETH potentially. I would personally rather mine ETH, only because i have not done much research on Raven and it did not look that interesting to me at first glance.

I also believe ETH is still going to see exponential growth over the next few years.

Well the thing about ETH is its like all the markets where as bitcoin is isolated in its own area and only really proven something of store of value and security. However i honestly believe bitcoin is outdated sure it could be the gold of crypto but that is a very small market when you talk about all the markets in the world. ETH has a lot more use cases and now its also got scarcity tied to it. The only way i see bitcoin living on is if the network upgrades actually create drastic improvements or it moves to a layer 2 platform like chainx or something.

January 11 is the ravencoin halvening. So people think it will eventually pop.

I’m glad you posted that…I didn’t realize the halving was that close, time to re-direct my miners.

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