Mining Hardware in Sweden

Hello all good people.

I’m not in time for this mining game but better late than sorry. Right?

I want to make or buy rig/miner that can at least earn 100$ day & have ROI of 1-3 months.
My concern is possibility of ETH 2.0 happening soon and minus economy. =(

Appreciate any advice from all of you. Also what solution is most future secured?

Wish you all the best <3

Not going to happen. About 24 3070’s will get you $100/day but you’re looking at 10-12 months ROI

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Isn’t there asic miners with better roi? I’m ready to travel to China or whatever is needed to lower roi and be on a safer side.

In this 24x 3079’s case, If you would guess. Would you guess that mining game will change and be unprofitable under that 12month period?

is this for real?

This could make my ROI back in less than a month

No one? =(

Is this gpu any good for mining?