Mining in an apartment

i currently live in an apartment which is standard 120v i will only be running 1 rig but there are 220 240v converts on amazon for like 70$ would this work without burning my complex down lol

Get a really good quality converter. you are transformer stepping up when dealing with 110/120 > 220/240… these have fans also and create alot of heat. So you are planning your amp draw around that issue of running alot of watts from an apartment wiring. Hope it is a very modern apartment and not some 70’s to 90’s built complex.

Something like this is what you are looking for… take the claimed watts output and divide by 2 is best used on these types of devices. Claims 10000, plan it is really 5000 watts safely.

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In my experience no converter is safe to use for the high wattage machine. Talk with your landlord about installing a proper outlet, if he says no you can plug it into your dryer outlet. Also consider getting a grow tent and an exhaust fan hookup, Redpanda mining did a video on this. The tent should also help to dampen the noise. No one wants a 70 decibal machine running 24/7 in their house.

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Just like Aaron has stated above, I would not go with transformer because it is too risky. You are running a machine 24/7.


There are devices you can buy where you connect a cord to each leg of your 110 supply and it will give you 220v. It will give you 20 amps of 220v - or 4800 watts. These are commonly used for electric vehicle charging while away from home.
I don’t know how well these would hold up to 24/7 use of a miner though.

I would stay clear from trying to step up 120 to 240. Especially in an apartment.

Yea your best and safest bet in an apartment would be to mine from your dryer outlet if you have a 220v dryer.

why. u can easily run 120v on an l3 and make 10$ per. gues it jsut depends on what u want mine i had at about 1000-1100w making 10 a day about 15amp breaker 120v so need atleast a 20 to be safe

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Unplug your oven and get a tabletop grill and an air fryer. Unplug your rig(s) on Thanksgiving day! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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The best answer by far!!!

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220, 221…. whatever it takes….

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