Mining investments

Am knewto mining but would love to invest on bitcoim mininig investment. Any help on how i can invest on mining

Don’t mine Just buy the coin

i have heard that is the smart way to go. But Mama always said i was stupid. I may not get much BTC but what i do get is mine by blood, sweat, and tears. :crazy_face:

@PTCrusader Thanks for your selfless contribution to secure the blockchain Hero

@Kelvin If you want to feel the crypto, you should mine them
They guzzle electricity, have fans running brrrr spewing heat
There is a crazy competition out there to get the reward

You can Mine monero using CPU, Ethereum and other coins using GPU and many other coins using ASICs

The advice for you is DO NOT INVEST IN CLOUD MINING

And, mining bitcoin in home setup is nothing worth, and I can sense you have not yet stepped into the waters and know the depth.