Mining Monero with cpu

Hello, I just recently started to mine Monero with xmrig through the pool. So far I have mined 0.001890XMR. if I want to move to a different pool to mine, do I lose that very little I have mined and start from 0 again? I’m new at this so I just don’t know how this things work, thank you for any help.

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All pools have a minimum payout amount. If you are below the amount, you most likely not get the funds out. There are however some pools that allow a one time payout below the minimum. Contact the pool and ask.
The min. payout is one of the most important criteria when selecting a pool.
You only have 2 choices, you either continue until you got the min. payout and then move. Or you can contact the pool and ask, if they allow a 1 time exception.
You could also rent some hashrate to reach the min. faster.
Minexmr has a min. of 0.004 XMR, so you are half way there. Most of the bigger other pools have a much higher min… I’d say stay until you have the required amount and then decide whether or not to move.

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That is very helpful information! I’m truly half way there so I can wait a little longer like you said. I really just started this as a learning experiment, I don’t have a powerful computer, I just wanted to try. I really appreciate you taking the time to help. Thank you!


We’ve all been there at some point. Every mine-able coin, CPU or GPU has this issue. Even if you abandon this pool for now, your coins stay. They are yours no matter what. You can mine somewhere else and maybe get another CPU and return to this pool later. Your coins are not lost !
I kept mining and acquiring more CPU’s and GPU’s. It will get easier and easier to switch later.
Keep mining !

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How long have you been at it? I started like a month a go when I finally got cpu mining going.

2016, but still seems like yesterday

OMG that seems like a long time! I am interested in it and excited to learn what I can to make it worthwhile. And this seems to bea good community as a resource. Thank you again for your time and help.