Mining Motherboards and RGB Fans

Now that I am adding more GPU’s to my rig I am ready to also add more fans. While I am adding fans i also want to add some flare to my rig with some colorful lighting. This is my first time building anything and I was wondering if you more experienced builders could help guide me. I have the Asus B250 mining motherboard.

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LED Light strips could be a decent choice over RGB fans. Light strips can be turned off with a remote whenever you want to. Should check those out, I once used them in a gaming PC build. I believe there are RGB fans that have remotes as well.

ThermalTake has the coolest fans imo, or basically any fan design that is a static circle.

The motherboard doesn’t have much of any affect on which fans you choose, its the matter of your PSU. You would most likely need to get a Molex to 2-3 pin adapter for your fans.

Fans with 2 pins are usually static speed, meaning they always go the same RPM. 3 pin fans usually means fan speed control for the fan, which i dont know a whole lot about.

food for thought, If you want quiet fans, Noctua brand has the quietest overall imo.


Thanks for the input! Those are some new things to consider. I was looking at the fans with the controller hub and wasn’t sure if I needed an RBG output on my motherboard

these are the fans I am considering

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Thats a smooth deal right there. I didnt even realize they had controller hubs like that.

I basically build PCs like its 2010 still lol xD

You are still ahead of me by miles bro don;t feel bad :smiley: