Mining Newbie - Troubleshoot MOBO/GPU to Display?

Just built a GPU rig but can’t seem to get a signal on display/monitor/tv…

CPU cooler, GPUs, and LED lights on the power switches all turn on when powered but can’t get a signal on either of the monitors I have or via HDMI with our tv. Monitors are dell and have DVI to HDMI and displayport connections. Tried both via the GPUs and the HDMI port on the MOBO. Still nothing.

MOBO is an asus b250 mining expert, cards are GTX 1660s. I’ve tried to strip it down to just MOBO or just the first GPU and luck so far.

Any thoughts on a fix? Thx!

What CPU and RAM are you running on it? If you know that those are compatible with the board, did you try just the one GPU in the onboard slot with nothing else attached for peripherals?

Something worked!

Stripped it down to just CPU (Intel Celeron G3900), RAM (Crucial 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR4 2400), and one GPU onboard and got the display to recognize it right away.

Not sure if it was connections or what but thanks for the tip.

Up next is my windows install from SDD. I’ve got it on the drive already but hit a snag in the setup. Need to step away for a bit before I can give it real time to dig into the install. Might post again later if I’m still running into roadblocks.

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