Mining on (4) MXM cards with HP server board

I am going to share this here because I enjoy the channel and it took me a fair amount of work to put this together. Someone else may have considered it so I wanted to share my experience. With the GPU shortage I was interested in mining on available laptop MXM cards. For years HP has had a multi-MXM card used in server environments. These cards allow (4) MXM cards to be installed on one daughter board, this board has an additional power connector. This board usually comes with some K-series Quadro’s that are no good for mining. But what you can do is replace them with some modern Quadro MXM cards which is what I did. I purchased (4) used P4000 quadro’s and (4) heat sinks for the K3100 Quadros that usually come on the cards, this is an HP part. These passive heat sinks have the same Nvidia bolt pattern. The power cable is a custom 8 pin EPS (CPU style) connector. It is NOT standard wiring, grounds are one row, +12v on the other. You have to make this cable! or find something close and modify it which is what I did. The next part is your motherboard must have x4x4x4x4 capabilities on the 16x pcie slot. You will need 1.5mm thermal pad for the memory chips. Pulling all this together wasn’t cheap, I have $1200 into this build. You will need external fans as this setup uses passive heats sinks. So how does hash, I think pretty good would be better with 1080 mxm’s. If there is interest I can share p/n’s later in the thread.

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