Mining options? Hardware options?

Hey guys im new to mining but not to crypto. I currently pay no electric where i stay at and i want to run a home mining project i have a ryzen 5 and radeon rs 56 gpu. I download nice hash yesterday and seen i can make about $1/day mining btc. I use my computer during day so i would need to have a seperate machine that runs 24 hours. I live in a apartment complex and im concerned a bit about the noise factor. What should i mine that would be more profitable and im looking to spend around 1.5k for my first project. I been watching vosk vidoes trying to cram all this info. Any advice or help would be greatly appreiecated thanks in advance

Given the current market and the skyrocketing prices of GPU’s my honest advice would be to keep your money for a little bit and wait until after the holidays to buy. If you really want to get started immediately start browsing eBay for cheap gpu’s or Facebook marketplace or even craigslist. A great card to start with is the 1660 super or 1660TI. You can find them for a fairly decent price and the ease of overclocking and undervolting will keep you from having to troubleshoot for hours. You also need to find a good chassis to mount them too. I use aaawave myself. H110btc is a good motherboard that allows you room to grow. You’ll need a 5th or 6th generation processor for it. Ddr4 2400 ram. A decent atx psu (gold or higher rating). PCI risers. And a decent solid state drive. And mine ethereum!

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