Mining Os Payouts

Hello guys. I’m new in to mining. Today I setup simple mining os with a Nvdia rtx 3060. I used a metamask ethereum wallet. It is mining 25 mh/s. my question is I haven’t get anything in my wallet yet and I’ve been mining for 3 hours. Am I suppose to wait 24 hours or how does it work. I’m using 2miner pool

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Minimum payout for layer 1 wallets is 0.05 ETH
Layer 2 Metamask wallets may be able to get DAILY payouts as low as 0.001ETH but I’m not sure.
As long as you entered the correct wallet address and and 2Miners shows you accumulating coin, don’t sweat it.
I’m pretty sure you won’t get more than one payout/day but who knows things are changing fast.

Vosk has a recent video on this.