Mining other Crypto currency?

Let’s discuss!!! We all know Bitcoin controls the market. Are you willing to mine other crypto currency? Or you just sticking with bitcoin?

Fwiw, I’ve yet to mine BTC. Up to this point, just LTC/DOGE and KDA.

With BTC and strictly IMHO, it’s tough to compete against the massive mining farms as they focus almost exclusively on BTC. Mining BTC and maintaining profitability is a technological arms race that only the bigger boys can truly play in as they generally have much cheaper: a) sources of power, and b) volume-based purchasing power. From my own standpoint, I’m paying consumer electricity prices and am buying rigs at full retail (oftentimes with delivery delays)

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I mine bitcoin, Etherium, montero, helium, and kadena. I feel that diversification is key.

Made good money on Zcash , and Dash … now currently KDA and ETH… KDA was mistake from this point of view… Hassrate is going up , difficulty is also going up rapidly… I am prepare to maybe buy few of Z15… if price hits 4000 usd…

@nemanja I was thinking about the Z15 as well. But when’s the last time that Bitmain produced a Z15? Only resellers seem to have them, and most rigs are used as they’ve been out since mid-2020. Despite crypto crash, cheapest seems to be ~$5k.

Yeap but I think there is better option for mining currently…