Mining over Starlink SAT?

Being a rural dweller with limited internet options, does it make sense to get into mining? Regardless of the hardware/software platform?

Obviously, hardwire would be optimum at a 100 mb or gig plus; but DSL is sketchy and is reliable at best for my location.

Our options are LoS radio or SAT. Hughes & BlueSky are excruciatingly overpriced with horrible service. Been there done that!!

Starlink is available, finally, in my area and on order. Anyone with experience or legit insight is welcomed. Thanks!

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any of the mobile solutions (sat or radio) are usually fine with mining. you might end up with a few more decimal percentages fails, but overall as long as your connection is constant and your ping is under 50 you should be more than fine.


I’ve tested GPU mining on 2g 3g 4g 5g all work

I’ve had starlink mining since September 2021 I think with no issues. But where I live the population is about 1 million people that’s bigger than the size of Texas so I have no congestion, I’ve heard people in the US have had issues with speeds, not sure if that’s still the case

The population of Texas is over 29 million as of 2020…

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Pretty sure he was giving the statistic on the population, and then referencing the space in which those million reside, implying that it wasn’t congested.

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Implication and stated. Just saying. LoL

It just reads oddly and incase I added that point to let them come back and clarify.

Yeah mate I mean where I live is a big area with only 1 million people so I don’t get congestion

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Assuming that you referring to version generation of cellular microwave freq bandwidth? Although that tech is becoming more available in my location, it is narrow spread spectrum. We’ve that tried just for internet to the house, which was problematic at best. Yup! Cancelled that overpriced junk. Now supposedly 5G is available. That’s not an option for an anti 5ger.

Just over 32M and rapidly growing as of 2023.

That is a large territory and densely populated.

My county, one of 254 in Texas, is large with a current population of just over 80k.

Thanks for your direct experience reply. We are still on the waiting list for the area. Go figure, we’re only about 120 miles from SpaceX. Suppose in a practical sense, being local sets no reasonable level of priority.

Alrighty then… very kewl, I appreciate the video share. Once our order is filled and system arrives, I see no other option than Starlink. Been on the waiting list for a long minute now.

Drew mentioned maybe trying Verizon 5G WIFI for home. To anyone, my experience is not if your rural. We tried it. The system was 5G and backwards compatible. Good thing as 5G was available in our area so 4G it was. That and I am an anti-5Ger.

So the unit was large and bolted to the roof. Not ideal but workable. hardwired into the and router. Expected for an antenna. Performance was an improvement over other available options. We tried on a 6 month promotion: $59.00 first 6 mos, then regular of $109.00 monthly, plus fees, taxes etc.

So here is where the rum comes in. As time went on I noticed that data consumption kept increasing almost exponentially. That was a head scratchier. Although performance was still improved over what we had, while there were still the typical cellular issues. Data consumption leveled off but seemed excessively high. Suddenly, month 7 my bill jumped to over $600.

Spoiler alert, READ THE FINE PRINT! I didn’t and a minor detail wasn’t disclosed by sales rep. The promotion included a flat rate data plan that the regular plan didn’t. That is when I learned that the excessively increased data was realistic. The additional data was because of double buffering. Yep and VZ charged for the buffered data like it was regular data.

We tried T-Mobile home WIFI setup. Returned it after a month. Performance was great when it worked. It was not at all reliable.

Your best bet mate would be to see if you can get the RV roaming deal which means its set to no fixed location and is used for traveling which seems to have no wait list but the down side is its slightly more expensive per month. That no wait list might have changed but might be your best bet. The only reason why there is a wait list for you is because there’s so many people wanting it in your area (North America) and not enough satellites/other tech required to fulfill the demand and give everyone a useable experience, compared to where I live, the whole country is slightly smaller than the US but less than 1/10 of the population but all the satellites still fly over us so we benefit from the low congestion.

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I did look into the roaming (RV) option. Wasn’t quite a fit. Maybe take another look-see. Thanks for your responses. God Bless you and yours!

Starlink works great I’m getting about down 130 and 21 up. I dont have any cell internet options because the service is poor. I had the service since aug 22

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