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I have a question about the setup for NBminer. They asked me for an address for a mining pool, but I’ve never used one before and I frankly don’t really know what it even is. Do you have a mining pool you could recommend for mining ETC?? I’m currently waiting to be registered for Binance and I only mention that because I’ve heard some people talk about a mining pool through them if I’m not mistaken. The setup process also asked me for my wallet address which I used my Coinbase, but if I could just use one site I would prefer that.

As always I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this let alone reply it’s a major help for me and my struggle to start mining ETC

I responded in your other post with the github download and and a preconfigured address you just need to copy and paste but still needs your public address typed in. if you use ethermine’s etc pool, you can watch on and on the myethermine app. if you need any help you can drop me a DM on here or hit me up on the telegram app @CryptoSith3. I respond quicker on the telegram app due to being at work and I have my phone with me. In extreme cases I’ll help via teamviewr where you just sit back and I can set it up for you, helped many people this way and also remotely tuned cars with it aswell. I prefer not using teamviewr though as its always best to learn by doing it yourself with the help of other walking you through it so that way you know what to do in the future with other pools, or other rigs. I personally use teamviewer when I’m out of town and if I see my rig has for some reason shut down or has stopped mining, I can log in and make changes on my rig with my phone or laptop while I’m not on location with the rig.

I use 2 Miners




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я посоветовал для 1050 и 560 (4 г) копать монету ERGO (autolykos) доход больше
3.25$ без разгона видеокарты

running my setup on ERG I’d lose $100 per month, plus i do all my trading on kucoin and bianance, which erg is on neither