Mining Pools for Kadena

What do you guys think of and They focus on mining Kadena and have lower fees that F2Pool and dxpool. Any thoughts?

Poolflare has been good so far. Only 3 days in!

poolflare is good at the start but your earnings will drop every day

Hi, I switched mining KDA from DxPool to PoolFlare a few weeks ago and seems good, the rejection rate dropped below 1% with PoolFlare, plus they pay out twice a day., I still use DxPool to mine LT/Doge and HSN.

I used poolflare, yesterday, but after 12 hours my connection was lost

I use poolflare but the coins mining are dropping lots. Whats going on with the difficultly. I don’t think it’s PoolFlare!?!?

I am mining via dxpool to Zelcore and see the same dropping.
kd box started with something around 9 a day and is now down to 2.8 within 1,5 month circa.

I switched to poolflare from the dxpoll, and it’s been good. The daily drop is probably related to the kda price growth. But safari can’t load the poolflare website today. Anyone else?

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Im having the same problem with poolflare. Hope its up and running soon!

Just change the address from to


Wow, replacing with .net has actually worked. Thank you very much!

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Using poolflare from day1, no issues so far. Daily drop is related to difficulty and the price change.

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Do you even need to be apart of a pool to be mining Kadena? Has anyone tried without?

Thank you so much! It’s been 3 days and I was getting worried. Why does .net fix it? Anyone know?

The only thing I know is the .com sites crashed, but the .net work. I think it has something to do with mining regulations in China but not sure.

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I think you can run your own Kadena Node and you can mine into it.
I am thinking to do it one day I will have time to find out how to set it up since I don’t like level of decentralisation having majority KDA miners on poolflare, unfortunately I have not done it yet but you can find more details on Kadena web.


Can you tell me how to change it?

In your ASIC pool setting use one of the servers from this link