Mining Rig Build noob

So I have just built a rig following one the voskcoin tutorials on youtube. This is the probably the simplest question but I cannot figure out how to turn this this on. Please help.

you need to install a pushbutton switch on the motherboard connectors for “Power SW” The two pins are located with the pins for HDD+ HDD-, RESET, Power LED+, PowerLED-. Some motherboards use pins 3-4 on the inside row which may be colored RED. Other motherboards use the 1st two pins on the inside row on the right side. The markings are silk screened on the motherboard

Alteratively short out the two pins with something conductive like a screwdriver …for just an instant.

Once it starts, go into the BIOS and select “RESTART” in the ON POWER LOSS settings. Save/exit. Then whenever you flip the power supply on, the motherboard will start