Mining Rig Comparison

Which is better between mining rig with 6 gpu, 8 gpu, 13 gpu and 19 gpu?

1 rig with 13 or 19 gpu or many rig with 6 or 8 gpu?

any help very much appreciated

if you’re asking this question you should 100% start with a 6x gpu mining rig or less.

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13 or 19GPU Rig = 1 CPU, 1 Mainboard, 1 RAM Stick - sucks to locate an hardware error - will stop mining completely if anything fails - propably lower power consumption

Many 6 GPU Rigs = Many CPUs, Many Mainboards, Many RAM Sticks - easier to locate hardware errors - only one rig will stop mining if anything fails - higehr power consumption since you need to power more cpus, ssds, ram sticks and mobos

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Also learning how to use PSUs that draw that much power. A lot of learning when going past 6-8 cards. Not in possible but also a lot of things can start causing issues.