Mining Rig Rentals - How I mined RVN for 86,400 seconds and got NOTHING!

Vosk Army,

I watched the video about and I am trying out some sample rentals to get a feel for how everything works. It’s early days. (Tip: do not mine RVN to an ETH wallet, turns out you get NADA, even if you mine for a day!)

I’m a bit confused about the scripts and matching up ‘whattomine’ with what is available to rent. The scripts are slightly different and it is not clear what coin you would be mining. Also, the ‘HOT’ scripts on are not available to check their profitability on

Would you consider doing a video on a step-by-step on renting a rig and setting up the pool?

It does not appear ANY of the coins would be profitable at the current rental rates vs. coin values. I guess you can buy and hold, but why not just BUY the coin?

Even with that, I do want to get it to work for educational purposes. I have some hardware coming and want to force myself to learn the software at least the pool setup side.

Do not mine Bitcoin to an Ethereum Wallet too, turns out you get nothing. Even if you mine for a Year. Duh

No shit, who would’ve guessed that they ain’t giving away free money

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